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Lug jar lids

Not sure what a continuous-thread lid is?

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Both the 2-piece and the 1-piece canning lids will have a plastisol liner — a rubbery gasket that is attached to the lid. Find the recommendation for that type of product or combination of products.

If you are selling your product, you will want to get in contact with your local Ag Extension office to see what additional guidelines or requirements are in place.

These recommendations will help to determine what type of process es you will want to follow. The National Center for Home Food Preservation is also a good resource for general canning guidelines. See the 3 basic processes below. If you find that you have a choice of processing options, this may open the door for you to use something other than the traditional 2-piece lid. This may also give you the option to use a jar other than the traditional mason jar.

Once you determine your process, you may then have some other things to consider. Preheat your jars either in a large water bath or in the ovenand using a small saucepan, preheat your lids in a simmering water for 5 — 10 minutes. Pour HOT contents into the pre-heated jar, cap immediately with a pre-heated lid.

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As soon as it is capped, the plastisol already softened in the simmering bath begins to form a seal around the rim of the jar.

As the contents cool, the vacuum is created, the lid becomes concave. Some folks still feel the need to water bath these jars…which can affect the vacuum and cause them to NOT seal properly. Our CT jars and Lug jars are compatible with this method so your lid choices will depend on the jar that you choose. If the product is already hot, the jar should be preheated as well to avoid thermal shock. The necessity, time, and temperature of preheating lids is subjective here depending on Plastisol type, fill temperature and process time; again, consult your process authority.

Longer water bath process times may require the Hi-Heat Plastisol. It is important to follow the guidelines for your particular food as they can vary greatly. Whether contents are raw or cooked, the jar should be preheated to avoid thermal shock. The need for preheating of lids is subjective as the heat created in the pressure canner will be sufficient to soften the plastisol and the temperatures in the canner are sufficient for any microorganisms present on the lid.

It is important for these jars to vent properly, so be careful to not over-tighten. There are many variables that may impact your sealing rate. Whenever a process is performed by hand, there are variations. Here are a few things to consider as you preserve…whether you are starting out, or trying your hand at a new process, new foods or a different style of lid or jar.

TW Lug Lids

Compatibility of jars and closures with product and process is the responsibility of the user. Please consult your process authority and test packaging components for suitability. Recipe Rating.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I just used the hi heat one piece lids for the first time. I love the look of them and I think people will find it is easier when I gift my canned goods. I was very hesitant about tightening the lids too much for processing.Bulk pricing is not available for this item. Please click to chat, email customer serviceor call for pricing. Currently, we have in stock and available to ship. The remainder can be expected to ship to you as soon as.

Please select how you would like to proceed:. Our metal lug caps have an acid-resistant liner that is ideal for tomato-based recipes and other acidic foods.

Threaded & Lug Caps

Lug caps must be paired with a container that feature a lug finish. A lug finish consists of several tapered ridges designed to mate and require only a partial turn to seal the cap. Lug caps are not compatible with containers that feature a continuous thread CT finish.

Special offer! Item : vXLUG. Metal caps with lug finish Plastisol liner included Acid-resistant plastisol liner that is ideal for tomato-based recipes and other acidic foods. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

Build a Quote Make Your Offer. Please select how you would like to proceed: Ship the now, and then the remainder later. Only ship the available now.

lug jar lids

Wait, and ship the entire later when available. Remove this from my cart. Would you like to submit a price match for 1? About This Product. Metal Lug Caps Our metal lug caps have an acid-resistant liner that is ideal for tomato-based recipes and other acidic foods.

Container withstands autoclaving - sterilizing by achieved through high-pressure saturated steam and heat. Case Packed in a convenient re-shipper carton with carboard dividers, reducing damage and ideal for reuse. Dishwasher safe containers withstand high temperatures, water pressure, and detergents present in dishwashers. Constructed of FDA-compliant materials suitable for contact with food.

Product is suitable for storing in freezer.Twist lug caps has lugs which grip the threads of the jar. When you turn continuous lids such as mason jars one full turn, the twist lids turns only half way. Create stronger bond for long term storage. We carry wide variety of twist lug lids from 38 mm to mm in different colors with button or without button.

Clear All. Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Choose Options Compare. Quick view. The lid's inside diameter is 38mm and the bottle neck's diameter out of the thread is also 38mm.

Available in white, gold and Choose Options Compare Quick view. Qty in Cart: 0. Choose Options. It has 3 lugs on it. Available in white, gold, silver, red and black Can use for the hot filling and hot bath canning.

Coordinated Bottles:. Available in white, gold and black Can use for the hot filling and hot bath canning. Available in white, gold and black with safety button Can use for the hot filling and hot bath canning.

Can be use for hot bath, preserving, canning, hot food filling, fermenting and Add to Cart Compare. Perfect for hot bathing, hot food filling for preserving, fermenting, canning, to store liquid or dry goods in your kitchen, pantry. Add to Cart Compare Quick view. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Add to Cart. Back Ordered - Please call us at to get more information. Back Ordered - Please call us at to get more information Compare Quick view.They are a jar and closure distributor based in Lancaster, PA and have long been a friend of Food in Jars.

In addition to selling traditional mason jars and two-piece lids, they also offer an array of jars designed for commercial preserving, including four sizes of six-sided jars called hex jars.

These are jars that should only be used with high acid preserves that need short spells in the boiling water bath canner I try to keep the processing time to 10 minutes when using these jars. They fill and process much like mason jars. Fillmore Container sells four sizes of hex jars.

If you want to preserve low acid foods in jars like these, you use retort lids instead. I prep these lug lids the same way I do regular canning jar lids, by warming them with a little simmering water for a few minutes before applying them to the jars.

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A gentle quarter turn is plenty to keep them firmly in place and leaves enough space for the oxygen to escape during processing and cooling. The Kilner wide mouth funnel I featured last week has a slightly smaller opening and so does work with the larger of the hex jars.

For the smaller ones, I ladle my product into a spouted measuring cup and use that to fill the jars. Once your jars are filled, take care to bubble your jars, because those edges at the top like to trap air bubbles. A few gentle taps and a chop stick will do the job.

The filled jars are lowered into the canning pot and processed for the amount of time called for by the recipe.

When the time is up, you pull them out and let them cool on a folded kitchen towel. The lids have a button that goes concave as the jars seal, just like two-piece lids have.

In conjunction with this tutorial, Fillmore Container is hosting a giveaway on their blog. Click here to enter their giveaway.

TW Lug Lids

I have used this for pouring jams, serving tea outside, and everything for years. I have been wondering how to can in hex jars for years! Thank you so much for this tutorial.

Canning with Re-purposed jars and lids

Now to order some jars specifically for holiday gifts. Did you click from Feedly or another reader? Try coming directly to this page, then clicking. Wow, thanks, this is great! Would be perfect for samplers of the wine jellies I make, I am thinking! Also, you mentioned that longer processing is an issue for lug lids because of the plastisol.

I know this article was about the hex jars themselves…but wow does the filling you use for this tutorial look amazing! OMG, I love these jars.We often hear from folks who have some bottles and jars, but need some new lids in order to re-use or re-purpose them. Measurements for jars and lids are almost always in millimeters mm. You can use a standard ruler or tape measure and convert to metrics.

Browse our selection of lids here. CAUTION …while we like to encourage responsible re-use of jars, we cannot recommend that you use jars of an unknown standard in your canning process. Many jars are not designed to withstand the pressure canner process and you may end up with product loss or suffer personal injury.

Some may not even be able to withstand water bath. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for that info. I have glass gallon jugs I use for storage and new lids would be nice since some are showing rust. My mother has several very large jars similar to the cracker jars…most of those lids have become very rusty or the paper liners have gotten yucky. This would be a great way to replace them with some fresh lids…and would allow her to store some of her dry mixes and keep them fresh!

The measurement should be straightforward enough, but not sure about the threads. Anyone got any ideas about this?? Thanks in advance!! I realize your post was a few years ago. I use them for honey as well and would like to order some.

Hello, we have an old pickle jar and we need a lid for it. It measures mm.Berlin Packaging stocks a wide range of threaded caps and lug caps to fit both bottles and jars that come in various colors to match branding. Lined and unlined caps and caps that are safe for various methods of vacuum sealing are available.

lug jar lids

This type of cap screws onto the bottle or jar to securely seal the contents. Both metal threaded caps and plastic threaded caps are available.

lug jar lids

Plastic caps can be used for personal care products and cleaning detergents, as well as food and beverages. You can use all these plastic materials with a wide range of chemicals and acidic substances. Caps with linings also provide extra protection against leakage and corrosion. Metal caps are made out of tin, aluminum, or steel. Each type of metal has its own properties, such as tin being softer and lightweight, aluminum ideal for packaging chemicals, and steel a strong option.

Metal lids are widely used as they can create vacuum seals. Metal lug caps are convenient and practical. The way they are designed to fit on bottles or jars allows them to create a vacuum seal while users only need to turn them halfway in order to close the containers.

This makes them quick and easy to use while ensuring that the contents of the containers are preserved and stored effectively.

Ribbed caps can improve grip and work well for products used with wet hands. Smooth sides can create a more sophisticated look.

Caps can also have spouts to pour or apply thicker liquids with precision, holes for sifting spices, or flip-open styles for convenience, and there are even Mason jar lids that include straws.

In addition to choosing a color to match the brand, the lids can also be branded. Why Choose Threaded Caps?

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Why Use Lug Caps? Choosing Caps to Suit Specific Functions and Customization Ribbed caps can improve grip and work well for products used with wet hands.The continuous thread lined glass jar lids, otherwise called mason jar lids, come in Gold, Black, Silver, and White. These are not to be used in a hot water bath method of canning see High Heat Lids below.

The Plastisol liner is thin and meant to be used as follows:. Recommended shelf life is one year. Recommended High Heat if bath method is longer then minutes. These lids come in Gold, Black, and Silver. The Plastisol liner is heavy duty. They can be used for canning with either of the above methods.

Metal Caps

This is the type of lid used on 85 percent of commercial food jars. A sealed lid will be more concave than non-sealed lids. NOTE: You cannot reuse lids when canning. All glass is tempered to handle candles with a possible exception for some of the larger glass jars. For filling, use this example: For a 9 oz jar, the ideal fill is 7 oz, etc.

There is a drop-down box for all lids we carry which fit that particular jar. If there are no lids listed as an option below the jar, then we currently do not carry any lids to fit that jar.

We encourage our customers to clean and sanitize glass jars before they use them.

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